11 Jul, 2018

VP China Partnerships

Palo Alto, CA

AI is the new electricity: Just as electricity transformed numerous industries starting 100 years ago, AI is now posed to do the same. The AI Fund, led by Andrew Ng, is building companies that will use AI to transform every type of industry, and improve human life.

As our VP of China Partnerships, you will develop the AI Fund’s China strategy and lead execution for the strategy. In this role, you will evaluate opportunities to initiate new global AI companies with primary or substantial operations in China and support current or potential portfolio companies in their China related business projects.  With the rapid rise of AI in both the US and China, you will play a critical role bridging these two AI ecosystems, and will be uniquely positioned to learn from both ecosystems as well as influence and accelerate their growth.


Here’s what you will do:


  • New AI Startups:Analyze and evaluate opportunities to initiate new AI startups that have primary or substantial operations in China. Further, for new businesses that we decide to initiate, potentially lead the development of such companies to the point that they could be handed off to a CEO or founding team.
  • Portfolio Company Support:Advise and assist (in an operational capacity, if needed) existing and potential portfolio companies in structuring, negotiating, and executing their China related business activities. This may include:
  • Fundraising from China-based investors;
  • Strategizing and executing entry into the China market;
  • Developing customer relationships;
  • Developing strategic partnerships/joint ventures.
  • Investment:Negotiate with entrepreneurs of AI companies on the key terms of AI Fund’s investment and oversee the closing of such investment transactions.
  • Other Strategic Initiatives:For example, evaluate the merits and feasibility of establishing an AI Fund office in China; and if a decision is made to move forward, develop the strategic focus and detailed execution plan for the establishment of such office.


Here’s the background we’d like you to have:


  • Experience in an operational capacity leading a China-based team and/or participating in the negotiation and execution of business transactions in China or with Chinese business partners.
  • Experience developing and executing on business partnerships in China.
  • Experience in evaluating, negotiating, and executing on investment opportunities — e.g., conducting relevant research, building financial models, and writing memos that describe business viability, market and competitor landscape, and recommending courses of action. Strong execution ability. We value the ability to make decisions quickly and accomplish large amounts of work in a short time.
  • Strong writing and oral presentation skills.
  • Business level fluency in Mandarin Chinese and in English.
  • Able to travel frequently (6-12 times a year) to China.


We hope you will fit well with our team’s culture:  

  • Strong work ethic. All of us believe in our work’s ability to change human lives, and consequently work not just smart, but also hard.
  • Growth mindset: We are eager to teach you new skills and invest in your continual development. But learning is hard work, so this is something we hope you’ll want to do.
  • Good team member: We care and watch out for each other. We’re humble individually, and go after big goals together.
  • Flexibility: You should be flexible in your tasks and do whatever is needed.


This is a full-time position based in or around Palo Alto, California. You must already have, or be able to obtain, authorization to work in the United States.