AIFund Expands in Colombia!

¡Hola, Colombia!

I am excited to announce the opening of our office in Medellín, Colombia. The office will serve as the Latin American headquarters for three of the companies in our AI ecosystem: AI Fund, Landing AI, and We will continue to expand the office as new companies are created within the ecosystem.

Colombia is on a trajectory to become a hub of AI in Latin America. AI is still in its infancy. Although Silicon Valley and Beijing are currently leading the way in AI, with the UK and Canada also emerging as innovation hubs, there are still opportunities for every major country. Colombia has been making smart moves building up its tech ecosystem.

For example, earlier this month, the Colombian Ministry of IT and Communications launched a program to train 4,413 students in machine learning, Python, deep learning and other AI subjects. The World Economic Forum has also opened its first Latin American Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Medellín to identify and update public policies for AI and other emerging technologies.

I am proud to bet on Colombia and support the growth of the Colombian and the broader Latin American AI community.  Ensuring access to education, expertise and opportunity remain core to my mission. We are able to share our AI ecosystem and Silicon Valley know-how with Medellín; we’re equally thrilled for our Silicon Valley team to be learning from the Medellín community. Local knowledge and innovation shared with a global community are what will catapult the technology forward.

I hope that our work in Colombia will also serve as a model for other regions with emerging AI hubs.

Building the AI Ecosystem

Our Colombian office has been operating for a year and is already 40 employees strong, and is attracting great talent from all around the world – we just hired team members from Poland, India, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Chile! They’re working on projects across all of our organizations:

  • AI Fund: The AI Fund startup studio builds new AI companies from scratch. The companies bridge AI technology and applications, focusing on industries and problems that move the world forward. The startup studio had started with a $175m fund to accelerate these startups. In Colombia, we are piloting an AI education initiative to develop and connect that talent with international companies. We are already training our first cohort of engineers, having chosen from over 400 regional applicants.
  • Landing AI: Landing is an AIFund portfolio company. Landing AI is collaborating with organizations worldwide, empowering companies to jumpstart AI and realize practical value. Working with manufacturing partners in Latin America, Landing AI is using computer vision technology to enhance operations and drive real business results.
  • Four stealth portfolio companies: The Colombia office also includes team members of four early-stage AI startups exploring sectors ranging from healthcare to education to customer support.

As the world starts to adopt AI into every industry, it is more important than ever to train the millions of AI engineers needed to build an AI-powered future. I’m excited to continue growing our Colombian team across all roles. If you’re interested in working with us, take a look at open positions in our Medellín office: Landing AI,, AI Fund.

Keep learning,

Andrew Ng

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