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Announcing AI Link! A community for entrepreneurs building AI companies

As an entrepreneur, do you ever wish you had a community of peers to network with and bounce ideas off of?

Welcome to AI Link!

AI Link is a private community of entrepreneurs and startup leaders committed to building tomorrow’s great AI companies.

Building and leading a company can be a lonely job. With this community in your corner, it doesn’t have to be so lonely. This is a place for you to get support from a community of peers who have done this before or are in the process of building or leading an AI-focused company. 

What members can expect in AI Link

  • Explore an idea you’re passionate about building up
  • Find support for building your company from peers who have done this already
  • Find a co-founder and start a new venture together
  • Find mentors, advisors, independent board members, or fellow executives to join your team
  • Connect with domain or functional experts to collaborate with on customer discoveries or work with design partners and pilot customers, 
  • Discover startups to advise and collaborate with
  • Stay up to date on what’s new in AI
  • Network with like-minded professionals

What else is inside? Exclusive content geared towards building AI companies as well as live and virtual events featuring luminaries from the startup and AI worlds.

With all communities, engagement is key and you have been given a key to make this community work for you! So get involved, share, curate, create and participate! This is a space for the leaders of tomorrow’s great companies to gather and network. Whether you’re already building a company within the AI Fund ecosystem, or looking for your next venture, this community is for you. 

Join the community

Want to join us? Apply here!

Hope to see you inside AI Link!


Dan Landau