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Daniel Velásquez Vásquez

Machine Learning Engineer

Daniel Velásquez Vásquez was a newly minted civil engineer and a Python hobbyist when his boss tasked him with evaluating topographical information for a project. The task was allocated to take a week, but Daniel wrote a script in Python that enabled him to finish the project in a day. That created another problem: he was bored as a civil engineer. “I needed more to do, I couldn’t grow as a professional.”

He pivoted from civil engineering to work as a data analyst, where his impressive talents caught the eye of Factored. Co-founded by Israel Niezen in AI Fund’s venture studio, Factored helps companies select, train, and build world-class data-science and machine learning teams. 

Daniel completed Factored’s rigorous training program and worked with various US clients before helping entrepreneurs at AI Fund.

A machine learning engineer at Factored, Daniel works with founders in AI Fund’s studio to help validate technical feasibility of new business ideas. He spends his days working with AI Fund’s company builders on proof-of-concept models in generative AI and supervised learning. “It’s a combination of machine learning, cloud, and software engineering—multiple disciplines,” he says. “I think that is the most beautiful part. I am always learning.”

When he’s not working at AI Fund or Factored, Daniel enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as reading, riding his motorcycle, and recently started cycling.  

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