Patrick Hsu


As an Associate on AI Fund’s investment team, Patrick focuses on working with outside founders and identifying companies in the AI/ML space that are pushing their industries forward with their technology.

His passion is in working with founders and helping them realize their dreams of building exciting companies.

“My parents always used to say to me, ‘人外有人, 天外有天.’ Which is a Chinese proverb that means, ‘No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone out there that is better.’ You never know what circumstances people are in and it’s important to understand what shapes their perspective,” says Patrick. “I love to dive into the business ideas with founders and understand their perspective. I’m genuinely interested in what they are building and I’ll proactively read papers to understand founders’ enthusiasm in this area or that.”

“Founders have a choice to be funded by us or not. I want them to choose us because we can empower them to create the companies and tech they are passionate about and change a small piece of the world at the same time.”

When evaluating startups, Patrick is especially interested in the gaps that need to be bridged to achieve success:

“I think it’s always really easy to show people all the upsides to your company, but I want to see the imperfections in your company and your plan to overcome them—so they don’t become the downfall of your company. As long as founders can do that, then, I think their startups become significantly more investable and more successful,” he says.

Prior to joining the AI Fund team, Patrick worked as an investor with B Capital Group and a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group.

When not looking for the next great AI companies, Patrick is an avid foodie and loves exploring new restaurants. “I rarely go to the same restaurant twice unless I’m craving a dish from there. If I have free time to go out, I want to try someplace new.”

Patrick holds a dual major bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and Business, Management, and Economics from the California Institute of Technology.


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