Perry Wu

General Partner

Perry is an entrepreneur and early-stage venture capitalist with experience building technology companies that transform large markets or create entirely new ones.

As a founder himself, Perry has learned firsthand what is required to create an industry-defining company from the ground up and what it means to have investors who believe in you every step of the way. His work as an operating executive is defined by the creation of five successful startups from their onset, including two IPOs (Xilinx and Mpath Interactive) and two companies he founded and led through an acquisition: BitGravity (acquired by Tata), a pioneering leader in broadcast video and interactive media over the Internet, and Persist Technologies (acquired by HP), one of the first cloud storage companies.

Perry is also a veteran venture investor who is passionate about working with entrepreneurs to turn their visions into world-class companies. Prior to joining AI Fund, Perry worked at Accel Partners, Bedrock Capital, and ComVentures.

Perry holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

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