We welcome Perry Wu as our new General Partner.

We are pleased to welcome Perry Wu as the newest member of the AI Fund team. Perry is joining AI Fund as a General Partner and will co-lead the development of new companies and mentor the existing AI Fund portfolio companies. Perry brings vast experiences as a seasoned entrepreneur and early-stage venture capitalist. His expertise includes building technology companies that have transformed large markets or have created entirely new ones.

“As a founder himself, Perry knows what it takes to build a company from the ground up and become a market leader, said Andrew Ng, founder, and general partner of AI Fund. “We are fortunate to have Perry on our team to help us build innovative companies that will move humanity forward.”

Prior to AI Fund, Perry had success in creating four successful startup companies from their onset, including two IPO exits with Xilinx and Mpath Interactive, and two acquisitions with companies he founded and led BitGravity (acquired by Tata), and Persist Technologies (acquired by HP). Perry has also been a venture investor and has worked with Accel Partners, Bedrock Capital, and ComVentures. Perry holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

About AI Fund:

AI Fund is a venture studio that harnesses the use of artificial intelligence to create innovative solutions for the big challenges of today. With the collective aspirations of our co-founders, we build companies from inception to market launch. We innovate, ideate, and validate to address some of the most pressing issues in human capital, healthcare, wellness, and other traditional industries.

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