About Us

Building AI Companies from the Ground Up

Our vision

Every time there is a technological disruption, we are given a chance to remake large parts of the world.

AI Fund is building AI-powered startups from scratch, specifically pursuing opportunities that can have a decisive impact. Together with our entrepreneurs, we go after business ideas that will transform industries and remake our world for the better.

How we work

AI Fund initiates startups. Leveraging our unique experience in applying AI to industry, we work with entrepreneurs to identify, validate, and scale market opportunities.

We believe that true AI companies must scale differently than other companies, so our approach to investing is different than a typical VC firm. We typically engage our entrepreneurs before a company is incorporated, before a team is formed, and often before there’s a fully formed business idea.

By engaging early, we can build true AI companies that solve real-world problems across a range of industries and geographies.

1. What does it mean to initiate startups?

We work with entrepreneurs to identify startup ideas, validate those ideas, and build the team to go after them. A good rule of thumb: if a startup already has a pitchdeck, it’s further along than a typical AI Fund engagement.

2. How do you decide what startups to initiate?

We are pursuing opportunities where AI can address a market need or make a positive impact. Specific ideas are chosen based on our team’s market insights and the passions of our entrepreneurs.

3. I don't have an idea, but want to be part of an AI startup. What do I do?

Please apply for a position here! You do not need to already have an idea to work with us.

4. I have a great idea for an AI startup. How can I work with you?

We would love to hear from you! If you’ve got a great idea, please get in touch.

5. Is AI Fund an incubator?

No. We get involved much earlier than incubators typically do, and we work with the entrepreneurs to come up with the ideas as well as validate and scale them. Building a successful startup requires many components, ranging from AI technology, to a thoughtful strategy, to recruiting, marketing, etc. We help companies develop all the components needed for the business.

6. Why did you decide to run the AI Fund on this model?

For AI to have the most positive impact on all of us, multiple new businesses spanning multiple industry verticals will have to be created. But true AI companies are built and scaled differently than regular companies. We believe the startup initiation model is the most direct and effective way to get this important work done.

Our team also genuinely loves starting new companies. We have a lot of fun building new businesses and want to do it in a systematic, scalable way.

7. Does AI Fund invest in seed rounds, Series A or beyond?

It is not our primary business to make outside investments, and we will not do so except in very rare cases. We are building up the companies “in-house” with entrepreneurs. We’re happy to talk to existing startups if we can be helpful in some way, but outside investing is not the core of what we do. When we find a promising startup, we usually offer to introduce them to other investors, rather than invest directly. If you have a startup and would like to talk, please get in touch.