About Us

Together, let’s build great companies that will move humanity forward.

What is AI Fund?

AI Fund is a venture studio that harnesses the use of artificial intelligence to create innovative solutions for the big challenges of today. With the collective aspirations of our co-founders, we build companies from inception to market launch. We innovate, ideate, and validate to address some of the most pressing issues in human capital, healthcare, wellness, and other traditional industries.

Founded in 2017 by Dr. Andrew Ng, the $176 million-dollar funded venture studio is backed by top-tier VC firms and investors, along with the AI Fund teams’ combined experiences as AI pioneers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and operators.

Looking for co-founders with unbridled passion driven by a desire for greatness.

Are you ready to start or expand your entrepreneurial journey? Are you intrinsically motivated to build a company? We are looking for co-founders who have enthusiasm and conviction and can overcome almost any roadblock put in their way. The goal together is coming out on the other side with a great success story.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. – Lao Tzu

We help accelerate great founders.

We bring founders and great business ideas together to maximize the chance of success and further provide funding along with support services in recruiting, accounting/finance, marketing, IT, and an ecosystem to work in. This allows our founders to do what they do best — build great companies.

Within our Venture Studio, we start with an idea, then early in the process, we bring in a co-founder to own customer validation, coming up with a validated solution, prototyping, and owning the build to an MVP. Working alongside some of the pioneers in AI will help you excel that initial concept to rapid customer adoption. As well as AI Fund being your co-founder, we provide the camaraderie of a startup community where you will always find someone who can share their experiences or process they have gone through.

Come join the team and make your impact on the world.

1. What is a Venture Studio?

Our Venture Studio creates new startups from the ground up. Everything is created internally: the idea for the startup, market validation, the initial prototype (or MVP) and the initial team. We support our startups with in-house recruiting, marketing, legal, finance and administrative services to help each company scale quickly and effectively.

2. How do you decide what startups to build?

We are pursuing opportunities where AI can address a market need or move the world forward in some way.  Specific ideas are chosen based on our team’s market insights, modern AI capabilities, and our ability to build the right team to scale the idea.

3. I want to join an AI Fund startup as an early employee. How can I work with you ?

Please apply for a position here!

4. I have a great idea for an AI startup. How can I work with you?

We would love to hear from you! As a Venture Studio, we do not typically invest in existing companies. A good rule of thumb: if you’ve already got a pitch deck, or you’re already incorporated, you’re further along than a typical AI Fund company. If you’ve got a great idea, please get in touch.

5. Why did you choose this model for AI Fund?

Building startups is hard. The Venture Studio model allows us to give our companies more support than typical VC firms. Specifically, we believe our model makes startups more likely to succeed because:



  • We systematically build startups: We have a rigorous process for screening and efficiently validating or falsifying startup ideas. Startups operate under extreme uncertainty, and our team has a unique approach for efficiently narrowing down on promising ideas.
  • We have unique access to AI: AI companies are built and scaled differently than other companies. Our team has a unique understanding of AI technologies and strategy, as well as access to great AI talent. This helps us build AI-first companies.
  • We support our early teams: We are able to provide our startups with a suite of services (including recruiting, marketing, legal, finance and administrative) so that our early teams can focus on building and shipping a product.
6. Does AI Fund invest in seed rounds, Series A or beyond?

It is not our primary business to make outside investments, and we will not do so except in very rare cases. We are building up new companies in-house with entrepreneurs. We’re happy to talk to existing startups if we can be helpful in some way, but outside investing is not the core of what we do. When we meet with an interesting startup, we usually offer to introduce them to other investors, rather than invest directly. If you have a startup and would like to talk, please get in touch.

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