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AI Fund is a venture studio that works with entrepreneurs to build companies rapidly and increase the odds of success. We aspire to play the role of a minor co-founder. 

Through our deep bench of AI pioneers, operators, and entrepreneurs, we speed up market validation, provide deep technical expertise, contribute comprehensive business support, and recruit a strong core team through our extensive AI ecosystem.


We know that building an AI company requires overcoming unique challenges, and we want to support you with technical, operational and business expertise on your journey. Our focus is in the earliest stages of a startup (seed, pre-seed, and even pre-pitch deck) where we hope our help can make the biggest difference.

To build the next generation of tech giants, your team will require both industry know-how and AI expertise. We can help bring together and support the right team under your leadership, with the common goal of tackling the largest markets.


Artificial intelligence is the new electricity. As electricity revolutionized the world and ushered in the Second Industrial Revolution, so AI is poised to radically transform the economy and the world. We are proud to support entrepreneurs in building companies that move humanity forward by harnessing this power. We support entrepreneurs in building companies that will execute innovative AI projects to move humanity forward.

Important new businesses need to be created to impact difficult problems in a variety of areas. We’re open to all AI applications, but some sectors we’re particularly excited about are human capital, health and wellness, next-generation enterprise, and MLOps.


Creating and enabling talent, ensuring access to jobs…

Creating and enabling talent, ensuring access to jobs, and training and education in all sectors and levels.


Helping companies create the infrastructure…

Helping companies create the infrastructure and tools that enable healthier and longer lives physically and mentally.


Empowering companies that change how people…

Empowering companies that change how people work and how enterprise systems/processes are automated.


Making ML systems easier to build, deploy…

Making ML systems easier to build, deploy and maintain in a variety of industries and applications.


Are you a serial entrepreneur or aspiring founder, passionate about building? Let’s talk.

Are you a serial entrepreneur or aspiring founder, passionate about building? Let’s talk.


Bringing a company from 0 to 1 is one of the hardest things a person can do (having done that numerous times, many of us at AI Fund understand that well) and it’s even harder to bring a company from 0 to 1 fast.

We offer a streamlined company-building process, including technical validation, business advice, connection to subject matter experts, recruitment, and operational excellence so founders can focus on product/market fit. With this support, founders can build their companies within the nurturing space of an AI ecosystem that spans a range of industries.

With AI Fund being a minor co-founder, we don’t only comment from the sidelines; we’ll be right there with you, supporting at each step of the way.

Let’s build together.



Andrew was ideating with me, diving deep into the problem area. He was a great mentor. When I was starting out, AI Fund gave a lot of help with recruitment strategy, particularly around data science, which was really helpful. It’s one of the most difficult things when you’re a startup, but building a team quickly is also one of the most urgent things. There’s also been this sense working with AI Fund that there’s no question too small to ask.

Dr. Alison Darcy

Founder & President, Woebot Health

It is notoriously difficult for early-stage startups to break into the shipping industry, but with the help of AI Fund, Bearing was able to gain substantial traction quickly. Beyond that, AI Fund has also helped Bearing source and recruit top AI engineering talent for our team.


Dylan Keil

CEO & Cofounder, Bearing

The AI Fund team always, unequivocally, puts entrepreneurs first. Whether you’re wrestling with product development, strategy, hiring or fundraising, the ecosystem is constantly mobilising to help accelerate your growth at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey.

Andrea Pasinetti

CEO & Co-founder, Kira Learning


AI Fund is backed with $176 million in capital by some of the leading VC firms and investors in the world. These limited partners include legendary Silicon Valley investors such as Greylock Partners, Sequoia Capital, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), and Softbank Group.


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