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Building the future with AI.

We empower founders to take on complex challenges, from depression and relationships, to speech translation and financial risk modeling. Our founders are creating solutions for maritime shipping, AI governance, retail, education and transforming software development with machine learning.


As a venture studio, we partner with exceptional entrepreneurs as a minor co-founder to build new companies together. We provide founders with expertise in technology, business formation, strategy, recruiting, and funding to rapidly launch world-changing businesses. 

Some of the current startups we are co-building in our studio or recently launched include:  


  • Community stealth company
  • Enterprise procurement stealth company
  • Financial analysis stealth company
  • Healthcare communication stealth company
  • HRtech stealth company
  • Literacy stealth company
  • Market research stealth company
  • Recruiting stealth company
  • Primary care stealth company
  • Public figure relationship management stealth company
  • Sales automation stealth company
  • Search and rescue stealth company

Infrastructure & Developer Tools:

  • Data lake house stealth company


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