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Chip Luman

Venture Advisor

From blue chip Fortune 500 companies to successful startups, Chip Luman’s career has focused on using technology to reduce drudgery, especially in HR.

“t’s about finding ways to use technology to improve processes and eliminate bias, to automate tasks that were always very manual and required a lot of human beings to complete.”

As co-founder and former COO of HireVue, a leading digital interviewing assessment platform, Luman was a pioneer in using video and conversational AI to evaluate candidates and holds a patent in the space.  

“My focus is on streamlining, cost reduction, and really just improving the overall experience for candidates and hiring managers,” says Luman.

A graduate of Penn State University, Luman started out in various HR roles at established companies including Pepsi and Charles Schwab before making the leap to the startup world. Today, he is a board advisor for  a number of tech startups. “Having been both an HR executive and an executive with P&L responsibility, I come to a CEO with candor. If you’re doing something inside the organization that’s taking the company in the wrong direction, or if you have executive leadership issues, I can help,” he says.

Luman also brings experience he’s gained as an entrepreneur. “I help coach founders on what it means to take someone’s money. You’re basically getting married. If that marriage doesn’t go well, what’s that mean for your company? And what’s the value of the cash if your VC is not going to be in your corner helping you? That doesn’t mean that they have to agree with everything you say, but they have to be your partner to work through issues versus just beating you up when something’s going wrong.”

His experience in fundraising also comes in handy with Luman’s spare-time passion, music. Once a college radio DJ, he now sits on the board of Salt Lake City’s community radio station, where he is assisting with their capital campaign. “I love live music,” he says. “Everything from a punk show in a small club with 12 people to seeing Peter Gabriel in Munich recently.”


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