Linda Lee


As Talent Partner for AI Fund, Linda leads the People and Marketing Team, overseeing global talent and HR strategy for the Fund’s newly built portfolio companies as well as being responsible for AI Fund’s HR and marketing functions.

Linda joined AI Fund in 2019. Prior to that, she has worked in global talent acquisition and HR for 20+ years in a variety of industries as well as started three businesses of her own where she learned her business acumen firsthand. She has been the head of HR for numerous VC-backed startups as well as held global HR business partner and HR director roles for Bytedance, AgilOne, Kintana and others. In her global roles, she was responsible for more than 20 countries spanning the Americas, EMEA and Asia. She holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from UCLA.

With this background, she understands the founder’s mindset well—the stress, the responsibility to others, and the desire to win.

“Using AI, we can automate mundane tasks that are time consuming, so we can spend time on things in our lives that really matter.”

Some of the things she looks for in candidates are their decision-making abilities, their judgement, ability to be clear, succinct in their storytelling, and their ability to reflect and learn from their past experiences.

Linda loves working with people from all walks of life. Her two favorite things? Her dad’s Peking Duck and singing!

She’s super-excited to have her dream role at AI Fund, where she can support and influence multiple startups and help them reach unicorn status, one hire at a time.



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