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Hiring Your First Sales All-Star with Peter Ahn

The transition from founder-led sales to building a sales team at a startup is fraught with pitfalls. Seasoned enterprise sales leader Peter Ahn shares critical expertise for founders to help them navigate this shift.

Key insights Peter shares in this talk include:

  • When do you know you need to hire your first salesperson?
  • Top traits to look for when hiring
  • A hiring rubric to weigh candidates
  • Structure for the interview process

About Peter Ahn

With over 15 years of enterprise sales experience, Peter has built a career at industry leaders such as Google, Dropbox, Slack, Front, and Twingate. Recognized as a top seller at Dropbox and Slack, he has successfully closed multimillion-dollar deals with major clients including Disney, News Corp, National Geographic, NBCUniversal, and Conde Nast.

Peter’s expertise extends beyond corporate giants, having worked closely with over 40 founders, guiding them in building sales from the ground up. Collaborating with notable companies like Figma, Streak, Orb, and others, he is dedicated to supporting B2B tech startups.