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Juliana Acevedo

Recruiter - Talentiz

Juliana plays a crucial role in the full-cycle recruitment process for early-stage startups at AI Fund, where she works closely with founders and other executives to help assemble high-performing teams 

She brings a background in psychology that allows her to deliver results and collaborate with others with empathy, critical thinking, and a problem-solving approach. One thing she focuses on in recruiting is mission alignment:

“Hiring the right founding team members for a startup is critical, not just from a technical point of view but from a personality, mindset, and mission alignment perspective.”

“Having the right support through the hiring process is key for founders,” continues Juliana. 

Outside of recruiting, she works with patients through private psychotherapy sessions, helping them with personal development. She loves reading, working out, and all subjects related to wellness and mental health. 

Juliana holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from CES University. 


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