Together, let’s build great companies that will move humanity forward.

Who is AI Fund?

We are a team of AI pioneers, proven entrepreneurs, seasoned operators, and venture capitalists that collaborates with leading entrepreneurs to solve big challenges using artificial intelligence.

Founded in 2017 by Dr. Andrew Ng, AI Fund is backed with $176 million in capital by some of the leading VC firms and investors, including NEA, Sequoia, and Greylock.

How Are We Different?

AI Fund works intensively with entrepreneurs during their startup’s most critical and risky phase, from 0 to 1. At the earliest stages, your company strategy is still being formed, and you’re still on the path to demonstrating your idea’s full potential – this is a reality we well understand. This is the period when decisions on product strategy, market fit, and team are most critical and a time when your company is most under-resourced. Many firms will tell you to come back when the idea is further along, typically without any helpful feedback. Even if you have a sense for the changes you need to make to be attractive to investors, moving fast and fixing parts of your business when you have limited resources is a challenge.

While capital is important, we believe we help entrepreneurs best by providing our time, expertise, and resources to help flesh out these key strategic decisions. Making these choices well can often be the difference between success and failure. AI Fund is here to improve these dynamics, at a time when the help matters the most, leading to a significant upgrade in your company’s opportunity, strategy, and fundability.

Why Work With AI Fund?

Getting a startup from idea to Series A funding is not easy. We’ve been there and understand the challenges you must overcome. Even the most accomplished teams will face bumps and can use help.

Whether you desire limited help and just want access to our unique ecosystems of AI professionals, experts, and entrepreneurs or whether you would like our full support, we are interested in the opportunity to help in your success.

We are flexible in how we work with companies, but ultimately, AI Fund is here to maximize your chance of success and accelerate getting your company to market. We provide the capital, expertise, and resources to accelerate the work required to minimize risks in your startup, help you rise above the noise, and make your company more attractive to new investors.

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